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Some mothers need to be kicked in the crotch…

I’m actually sick to my stomach—disgusted beyond belief by what I just saw on the Today Show, an ad campaign by a French Company for little girl’s lingerie.


I’m talking a five year old, with a bra and panties on, leaning back on a couch, next to an eight year old, with her legs crossed in a fucking negligee.  Dressed up, little girls with big hair and more eye shadow than I wear in a month. Their mothers need to be kicked in the crotch. SERIOUSLY, who lets their daughters do that?

I know this is going to trickle down soon—it won’t stay in France.  One day soon some fuckwad mother on my Facebook is going to talk about the adorable bra and panty set with matching negligee she bought for her 6 yr old. I swear to you, it will happen.

These ads are child porn. If you don’t think there are scumsucking perverts out there taking these ads and fantasizing over these photos you are fucking nuts.  If you don’t think there are men out there who will see these little girls and want one of their own, you are fucking naive beyond belief.

Several years ago I had a photo on my Flickr account of a then 11-year-old SavvyJ swinging from a rope swing on the Frio River in her little-girl tank top swim suit.  This freaky, creepy fuckwad ask me if I had more pictures of her I could post.  She was beautiful and “so full of life”, but he clarified, photos of her in her swimsuit.

I can’t take my 9 year old shopping for a Halloween costume now because companies market maid and pirate costumes with thigh high lace hose, short skirts and off the shoulder tops to little girls.   Last year one of her friends was a rock star, her mother, a total idiot who I routinely want to kick in the crotch, made her costume.  A black and gold padded halter top with a black mini skirt, black lace panty hose and knee high black patent leather, high-heeled boots, and more eye shadow then I wear in a fucking month.  SLIK was “Fancy Nancy”—a character from a little girl’s book.  This year she wants to be Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie.

Last week SLIK and I watched “Toddlers and Tiaras”.  I was horrified.  Where have I been???  I was already disgusted by the southern bell practice of parading little girls out in fancy dresses to fight for “most beautiful”, but I had no fucking idea—these girls are dressed up in big hair and makeup and more eye shadow than I wear in a fucking month.  Their mothers bribe and blackmail and punish their daughters because they don’t want to go get their nails done, or for hating the fake leather jacket they are forced to wear.  Their daughters are becoming attention whores—at the age of 5 these little girls are learning that they will never be a decent person unless someone is watching them and telling them they are beautiful.  These mothers need to be kicked in the crotch, but these little girl’s daddy’s need to be shot in balls.  Seriously, it is your job to protect your daughter from your stupid fucking attention whore wife.

SLIK really is sweet, little innocent Kati.  But, I have to work my ass off to keep her that way.  This year, she will be in fourth grade where girls are starting their periods and wearing padded bras and being catty with each other over what jeans they wear and it makes me happy that my little girl comes home and puts on her boots and climbs trees and plays with her dog and thinks bras are ewwww. I don’t know how to keep her so innocent in a world where other mothers let their 9-year-old daughters pose for centerfolds in lingerie or dress up as
a slutty anything for Halloween.

Whose fault is this? The media blames consumers, consumers blame the media, I blame fuckwad parents….some stupid people even blame the little girls.

In summary: Parents need to be kicked in the crotch when their 9-year olds can put on eye shadow better than a grown woman.

Today I’m pissed because I have to work so hard to keep my little girl innocent.

Today I’m thankful because SLIK put powder all over our bathroom floor last night in an attempt to “prove” there are faries.  Thankful because she’s a little girl with an imagination who makes messes in the bathroom that have nothing to do with putting on makeup or fixing her hair.