You would never guess…

I know, I know… I am all about being a Tom Girl… I wear boots, flip-flops or go barefoot, I hate pretty underwear (really, what is the point), blah blah. But, believe it or not, I LOVE to wear dresses.  In the spring, summer and early fall, it is all I wear– Flowing dresses and skirts, cause guess what?  Dresses look awesome with boots, flip flops or even barefoot… When I was a little girl  I felt uncomfortable in dresses– I remember my granny and aunt Lavoise had to buy me a dress to wear to Church camp (and pantyhose) every summer cause all I had were jeans and t-shirts.  But, i always wanted to be the girl that looked natural and flowing and pretty in a dress.

Today I have a closet full of pretty dresses, and if you ever see me in the spring or summer I bet you $100 I will have one on.

Recently, my friend Katie gave me this song, Cotton Dress by a friend of hers, Shellee Coley and I thought it was pretty good  song and it reminded me of how I used to be that little girl, and I would get my new Church Camp dress every summer and I would spin around all by myself out at my Granny and Grandaddy’s place and think I was pretty.

Then I heard the story of how Shellee wrote it, cause her parents used to sing her the song “you are my sunshine” (each parent, seperately, and neither one knew the other one sang it).. and that reminded me of SLIK cause that is one of the songs we have on her i-tunes playlist.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the last line from this song,  “music is the way I pray and it makes me feel alive”  Well, that FOR SURE– is me!

Cotton Dress



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