Christmas songs by Texans…

Jodi’s Texas Music Christmas

About 15 years or so ago, one Christmas, my brother, then at Texas A&M, came home with a CD for us all to listen to cause one of the songs on it reminded him of our family.  After just the first few lyrics, “Mom got drunk and dad got drunk, at our Christmas party, we were drinking champagne punch and homemade eggnog”  my Mamma and Daddy, Uncle Mike, cousins and Bigmamma died laughing…. Yep that was us. Almost to a T!

Well, my brother gave me that CD (Gringo Honeymoon) and I loved it, and a year or so later I bought the great Robert Earl Keen’s next CD, No 2 Live Dinner, but that is another story)  Luckily, other Texas artists have put out some great Christmas music, enough for me to have a playlist made entirely of Texas Christmas Music.   (Okay, some of these folks may not have been born here, but we are cool with that)

I’m always looking for more… so let me know if your favorite isn’t on here.


  1. When it’s Christmas Time in Texas                             George Strait
  2. Santa Looked a lot like Daddy                                       Kelly Willis
  3. Pretty Paper                                                                         Willie Nelson
  4. Grateful For Christmas                                                    Hayes Carll
  5. Santa Baby                                                                           Kelly Willis
  6. Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk                                     Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis
  7. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer                             Asleep at the Wheel/Jack Ingram
  8. Christmas Cookies                                                            George Strait
  9. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas                 LeeAnn Womack
  10. Christmas in Texas                                                          Asleep at the Wheel/Kevin Fowler
  11. Silent Night                                                                        Asleep at the WHeel
  12. Away in a Manger                                                           Waylon Jennings
  13.  Baby it’s Cold Outside                                                   Kelly Willis/Bruce Robison
  14. There’s a New Kid in Town                                          George Strait
  15. Nothing but a Child                                                       Steve Earl
  16. Merry Christmas to You                                             Billy Joe Shaver
  17. Hot Texas Christmas Day                                          Asleep at the Wheel/Dale Watson
  18. Merry Christmas From the Family                        Robert Earl Keen
  19. Happy Holiday’s Yall                                                   Robert Earl Keen

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Proud 5th Generation Texan who loves good music, good people, good food and fun. Love to travel the state with my husband and kids. Texas is much more than a place, it is a character that embodies independence, friendliness, history and pride. View all posts by Jodi B

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